Responsive Website designed and developed for Edurises

This is a Chinese responsive website designed and developed for my client Edurises, which is a platform to assist students from Mainland China to plan their future studies in Singapore.

A responsive website means it can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, and other mobile devices (iPad, mobile phones, etc).

The challenge we come across this time is we need to develop a huge database at the backend since the website highlights school searching (covering all levels of education from kindergarten to Ph.D.) and course searching function. Moreover, we need to design and develop a smart online calculator to estimate how much does one student spends in Singapore per year by adding up statistics of accommodation, medical, transport, food, clothing, communication, recreating, education.

The client chooses a vibrant and purple-pinkish color palette for this website, so I suggest we use digital illustration images (click here for details) rather than photos to better match this technological yet feminine style.