Product Promotion Animation for ANOR Technologies(2’16”)

English Version:

Chinese Version:

This is a 2d+3d animation (2’16”) we did for ANOR’s portable Terahertz Analyzer. ANOR Technologies is a start-up company in Singapore offering smart security solutions for airports, checkpoints, logistics chains, warehouses and mass events.

Services I did on my end:
1. Video Editing
2. 2d animation
3. 3d animation (00:22-01:38), including product modelling
4. Color grading
5. Audio Mixing
6. Subtitling (Chinese & English, texts provided by client)
7. Choosing and purchasing English and Chinese V.O artist services for this video
8. Choosing and purchasing Shutterstock Stock Photos(01:39-01:50)
9. Choosing and purchasing licensed music as background music

That is to say, you give me a script(a text file in Word), I give you a product!

Click here to see more details of the 3D modelling of this product.