Responsive E-commerce Website designed and developed for BOURGEON

This is a responsive E-commerce website designed and developed for my client BOURGEON, a local fashion label.

A responsive website means it can be viewed on a desktop, laptop and other mobile devices (iPad, mobile phones, etc).

This is an bilingual E-commerce website, you can buy clothes online without any registration or login. Both Chinese and English are supported, click “中文” button on the top right corner to switch to Chinese mode.

Although this website is developed by using various programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5), I record 3 short tutorial videos to teach the client how to retouch photos & how to update new items step by step upon final delivery of the website. By doing this, the client can update new items easily and regularly even if she doesn’t know how to code.

Regarding payment issue, the website support PAYNOW/PAYLAH therefore clothes buyers can purchase items directly by scanning and no need fill credit/debit card or other privacy information on the website, this is more safe and convenient!

Feel free to check this website out (click here), enjoy!