Responsive Website designed and developed for Gree Singapore

This is a responsive website designed and developed for my client Gree Singapore, which is the exclusive distributor of Gree’s brand air conditioner in Singapore. Gree’s headquarter is in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, China. It is the world’s largest residential air conditioner manufacturer.

A responsive website means it can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, and other mobile devices (iPad, mobile phones, etc).

The challenges we come across this time are: 1. Gree Singapore provides more than 30 aircon models and we need to develop a system that can read and embed each model’s information into its request quote form automatically. 2. The warranty form system is customized based on the client’s requirement, it can take photos of the barcode number outside of the aircon package, as well as upload up to 10 Units at a time.

I do photo editing and post-production for all homepage and product pages’ banner images, cause the client only has product images, However, they want the top banner and bottom images including both aircon and Singapore environment. The final result is entirely satisfactory, now it is a website based in the Singapore market obviously!