Responsive Website designed and developed for Roceso Technologies

This is a responsive website designed and developed for my client Roceso Technologies. Founded in 2016 in Singapore, Roceso Technologies is a world pioneer in soft robotic exoskeleton technologies. Its soft robotic solutions provide functional assistance to patients with limb motor function impairments during rehabilitation and daily living.

A responsive website means it can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, and other mobile devices (iPad, mobile phones, etc).

The challenges we come across this time are:
1. The original website is on Wix, and the client wants to transform it to WordPress. Wix and WordPress are two totally different platforms based on different technology. To achieve the seamless relocation, we need to re-implement some exclusive features of Wix and adapt them for the WordPress backend.

2. Roceso Technologies wants to add an internal DistributorWeb exclusive for its distributors around the world. This internal portal is different from the homepage (open to the public), it requires login information, there are various files such as video, product photos, pdf, ppt, software, etc uploaded there, all files can be both previewed online and downloaded. Taking into account the security factor, the online URL link for the preview function is not allowed cause when you have the URL link, people may find the file by google search. Therefore, the preview function can only be in the form of a pop-up window without URL link.

3. I do the design and development for the DistributorWeb part. Data inside the DistributorWeb is quite comprehensive, when doing the UI design, I use the tab design to divide content within the same category, by this way, the webpage display will be not too long.

Click here to check it out! Enjoy!