Responsive Website development for Triumph Capital

This is a responsive website developed for Triumph Capital (this time I only do website development, client already has its own design). Triumph Capital International is an alternative investment management company with focus in investing in companies that contribute to, and benefit from, China’s economic transformation and development.

A responsive website means it can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, and other mobile devices (iPad, mobile phones, etc).

Client’s original website built on Squarespace, as the business grows, the existing website structure cannot meet the changes of business development.

Main revamp requirements are as follows:
1. Relocate their original design from Squarespace to WordPress
2. Build internal login system for their investors
3. PDF files online preview and download function with security consideration (hidden away from search engine)
4. Build bilingual system applicable for both internal investors and public visitors

Click here to check it out! Enjoy!