Virtual Art Gallery designed and developed for Leo Liu

Virtual Art Gallery designed and developed for Leo Liu (

Leo Liu is a Chinese contemporary artist currently residing in Singapore. Since 2010, he has held 7 solo exhibitions and participated in many international art fairs, such as Art Stage Singapore, Art Taipei, Hongkong Art Central, etc. His works are collected by private collectors and public institutions.

I was invited to design this online gallery for him because of our previous collaboration for his 3D project “SEESAWGAME” (click here for the details)

The challenges we come across this time are:
1. How to create a virtual art gallery
2. Incorporating representative elements of the artist’s artworks into the design of the website, such as floating clouds, etc
3. Pop-up box with inquiry function for each artwork
4. Filter function to switch between different collections
5. Icon/URL color change when hovering over
6. “Jump back to the beginning” button at the end of each collection

This is our first time doing website design for an art gallery; an enjoyable experience to explore the organic combination of technology and aesthetics, hope you also enjoy this website!